ВЕСТНИК АКАДЕМИИ НАУК РЕСПУБЛИКИ БАШКОРТОСТАН Учредитель: Академия наук Республики Башкортостан / Founder: Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL
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Scientific Research

  • 5Kazantseva T.T.
    Geodynamics and Scientific Law of Evolutionary Trend
  • 12Suyundukov Ya.T., Mirkin B.M.
    Agroecological Research in the Bashkir Cis-Urals
  • 20Araslanov N.G.
    Reformation and Competitiveness of the Agricultural Segment
  • 24Shammazov I.A.
    Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions on the Territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • 36Mazhitov N.A.
    Concept of Museum and Preserve of the Medieval History of the City of Ufa

On the History of Scientific Institutions

  • 41Valiakhmetov R.M., Gilazheva G.F.
    Scientific and Organizational Activities of the Centre for Social and Political Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan


  • 47Kamaletdinov M.A.
    B.M. Yusupov, Discoverer of Oil Treasures in the Volga-Ural Region. To the 105th Birth Anniversary

Scientific Events

  • 52Valiev R.Z.
    Nanotechnology Congress of 2009
  • 56Klimova N.I., Altufieva T.Yu., Kantor O.G.
    The 2nd All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Management Technologies for Socio-Economic Development of the Region”
  • 60All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Natural and Cultural Heritage инновационный of the South Urals as an Innovation Resource
  • 61Vdovets M.S.
    History of Geological Heritage Research and Protection in Russia
  • 65Chibilev A.A., Pavleichik V.M.
    Natural Heritage of Russia: Integration into the System of Specially Protected Natural Areas and Development Perspectives
  • 69Gareev E.Z.
    Geological Parks as a Means of Nature Preservation and Population Patriotic Education
  • 72Maslov A.V.
    On the Creation of Geoparks in the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • 74Muldashev A.A.
    Natural Monuments of the Republic of Bashkortostan: Optimization and Protection
  • 77Chuvashov B.I., Chernykh V.V.
    The South Urals: Permian “Park”
  • 80Sokolov Yu.V.
    Cave in the Republic of Bashkortostan and Speleological Tourism
  • 83Degtyarev A.N., Usmanov I.Yu.
    Tourism as a Factor for Preservation and Development of Heritage Natural and Cultural Objects of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • 87Gainanov D.A., Kirillova S.A.
    Tourism as a Promising Resource for Territorial Development
  • 91Putenikhin V.P.
    Old Parks in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Official Section

  • 94Saitova M.A.
    Visit of the Delegation of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan to Azerbaidzhan
  • 97 Government Prizes of the Republic of Bashkortostan, 2007, for Science and Technology
  • 98 On the 2010 Prizes of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Bearing Outstanding Scientists’ Names
  • 99 Jubilees

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